Fyodor Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Great Russian writer

"To love someone means to see them as God intended them"

Locations of the novel Crime and Punishment F.M.Dostoevsky on the map of St. Petersburg

The house on the Embankment of the Griboyedov Canal, 73 is considered the “house of Sonya Marmaladova”.

1. Kokushkin Bridge

On the Kokushkin Bridge, according to the plot, the action of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” begins: “At the beginning of July, in an extremely hot time, in the evening, a young man came out of his closet, which he rented from tenants in S-m (Stolyarny) Lane, onto the street and slowly, as if in indecision, I went to the K-nu (Kokushkin) bridge.”

2. Grazhdanskaya str., 19

It is believed that Raskolnikov, the hero of the novel “Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky, lived in the St. Petersburg house at the addresses Grazhdanskaya, 19 and Stolyarny, 5. “His closet was under the very roof of a high five-story house and looked more like a closet than an apartment. But his landlady, from whom he hired this little room with dinner and servants, was placed one staircase below, in a separate apartment, and every time he went out into the street, he certainly had to pass by the hostess’s kitchen, which was almost always open to the stairs.”

3. nab. Griboyedov Canal, 104

House No. 104 on the Embankment of the Griboyedov Canal is known as the “house of the old woman-interest-taker”. The heroine of the novel “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky – Alyona Ivanovna – lived here. Her apartment was located in the courtyard (the exact address is Srednaya Podyachnaya, 15). The old woman’s apartment was on the 4th floor.

4. Voznesensky Bridge

On the Voznesensky Bridge, Raskolnikov was tormented by doubts about “How to be and what to do” after what he had done.

Razumikhin owns the phrase: “He will drown himself yet!”. Although the author does not talk about Raskolnikov’s possible suicide, but his posture, leaning on the railing, speaks very eloquently about intentions. It is at this time that the hero witnesses an attempt to drown himself by a drunk woman. This sight leads Raskolnikov to the idea that he will not drown himself.

The next day, at the same place, Raskolnikov’s thoughts acquired a life-affirming character.

5. Haymarket Square

Previously, there were poor areas around Sennaya Square. In the 1930s, these places underwent reconstruction: the territory was landscaped, the market was demolished. Fyodor Dostoevsky described these places and the inhabitants of Sennaya in the novel “Crime and Punishment”. “It was about nine o’clock when he passed through the Haymarket. All the merchants on the tables, on the stalls, in the shops and in the shops locked their establishments or rented and cleaned up their goods and went home, as well as their customers. Near the taverns on the lower floors, in the dirty and smelly courtyards of the houses of Haymarket Square, and most of all at the drinking houses, there were many different and all sorts of industrialists and rags.”

6. Sadovaya str., 45

The house of N. Semenov (Sadovaya, 45) was built in 1826. Before the revolution, there were shops for gloves and musical instruments. According to the plot, Rodion Raskolnikov finds out near him that the old interest-bearing woman stays at home alone at seven in the evening.

7. nab. Griboyedov Canal, 73

The house on the Embankment of the Griboyedov Canal, 73 is considered the “house of Sonya Marmaladova”. It was here that the heroine of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” lived. “Sonya’s room looked like a barn, had the appearance of a very irregular quadrangle, and this gave it something ugly. A wall with three windows facing the ditch cut across the room somehow obliquely, which caused one corner, terribly sharp, to run somewhere deeper, so that it could not even be clearly seen in low light; the other corner was already too hideously blunt.”